Jeremy Bishop


Los Angeles, California


Hey Guys!

I am Jeremy Bishop a photographer from Los Angeles, California. I grew up playing soccer and ended my career in College ball at Azusa Pacific University. Ever since I graduated in 2014 I have been traveling ever since. I first found my passion for photography by shooting surf with the GoPro. I found my passion for water and surf photography after my first trip to Hawaii. I have been going back ever since. For me, I find most joy when I am in the water. Being a waterman has opened my eye to the unique patterns and textures in nature, and my goal is to capture those fleeting moments.  I am passionate about the ocean, surfing, diving, soccer, meeting new people, coffee, anything coconut, and family . I strive to be the best that I can be and serve others.

Contact me for any business inquiries, prints, or Collaborations. I'd love to meet you!