Jeremy Bishop

Commercial Clients



All these projects took place from California to Utah. Jeremy partnered together for a few ideas and themes, and it was his job to make it come alive both in a product based manor, and secondly in an adventure setting for the outdoor enthusiast.



Jeremy hit the road right away after connecting with Tentbox. They partnered with him on his adventures as he set out on a few road trips. It was very natural to capture the vehicle and product in the environment he knew so well.


Pioneer Rayz - Smart Headphones

The electronic company Pioneer Rayz approached Jeremy with a campaign around their smart headphones and were seeking out locations in LA. Jeremy organized three styles at three locations around LA: Outdoor, City, and Business. It was his job to scout locations, hire talent, and edit around desired goals for the campaign.

Kickstarter - Easy Eddy SUP

When everything about a product becomes more packable and transportable, you can count Jeremy in. He organized product photography for the kickstarter and adventure photography to capture the use and transportability along the coast and lakes.


Aquatech Imaging Solutions

Jeremy uses Aquatech for anything water related when it comes to gear. He has partnered with them on a few of his travels capturing their gear in the ocean and in his element. The projects have been based around the iPhone case and their DSLR water housings.



It’s surprising how much customers rely on photos when it comes to choosing the right accommodation, and so many businesses are in great need to be visually inspiring . Jeremy has enjoyed capturing different resorts, hotels, and cabins through out the states and in Mexico.


The Rig and the Ride has always been half the adventure in Jeremy’s life. It is the aspect of capturing movement and bringing the vehicle into its element that sparks his interest. You can find bits of Jeremy’s journeys and small projects he has captured here. He has shot projects including planes, classic cars, jeeps, and motorcycles.


Jeremy has a close working relationship with Lululemon. He has been hired to capture many of their events in Los Angeles based around yoga, running, and currently shoots lifestyle content for them whenever they have a need.


Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a world renowned Surf/Adventure photographer. Jeremy began his journey as an intern with Chris for 8 months. This internship led to working a European Tour, and shooting commercial projects through the American West.



This business relationship started around Jeremy’s love for the ocean and water photography. Jeremy has organized commercial projects around California for Sperry’s summer and winter campaigns.